As a NAB Weekend Attendee, I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct (noted on the website), & the following statements:

(1) I will not hold Kentucky Bourbon Bears, Inc. or NAB WEEKEND, its officers, membership, guests, sponsors, volunteers, or any commercial establishment or its staff responsible for any loss or injury either to their property or their person while participating in this event.

(2) I am fully responsible for any damages I may cause to the hotel property or commercial establishments used during this event.

(3) I am fully responsible for any guests that I allow into the hotel property, including any damages caused to the property, until such person(s) leave(s) the property.

(4) I will not indulge in actions that could be considered discriminatory or racist.

(5) I will grant Kentucky Bourbon Bears, Inc., NAB WEEKEND, and anyone designated by such the right to use my likeness, image, voice and appearance whether recorded on or transferred to videotape, film, slides, photographs, or other media, for publication, broadcast or use on the web and social media.

(6) I also understand that this is a public event – and that Kentucky Bourbon Bears, Inc., NAB WEEKEND nor anyone cannot control people from making pictures public. I should use good judgment, discretion and respect people’s privacy before posting, tagging or sharing pictures with other people or on social media sites. If I do not want my picture taken – I will immediately inform the photographer.

(7) I agree that physical and/or verbal altercations with any guest, member, staff, or anyone on the property which results in law enforcement’s involvement will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the event and hotel – without refund – and permanent banning for future NAB WEEKEND events.

(8) Understand that the failure to follow any one of these guidelines is grounds for being escorted away from and/or being asked to leave the event without a refund of registration or hotel room fees. Continued failure to comply may additionally result in being banned from future events.

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