We know you’re here to cut loose and enjoy your weekend just like the rest of the registered guests.  However, as a contestant, you will be required to attend a few events to prepare for the event:
02/15…..04:00pm-05:30pm…..Contestant Orientation
02/15…..07:30pm-08:30pm…..Contest Part 1 (in “Then & Now” Wear)
02/15…..07:00pm-08:00pm…..Contestant Photos (in “Then & Now” Wear)
02/15…..10:30pm-12:00am…..Raffle Ticket Sales
02/16…..07:30pm-09:00pm…..Contest Part 2  (in Fantasy/Theme Wear)
02/16…..07:00pm-08:00pm…..Contestant Photos (in Fantasy/Theme Wear)
02/16…..10:30pm-12:00am…..Raffle Ticket Sales
02/17….10:00am-02:00pm…..Interview with Judges (10 minutes each)
02/17…..06:00pm-07:00pm…..Raffle Ticket Sales During Dinner
02/17…..07:30pm-09:00pm…..Contest Part 3 (in Title/Pet Wear + 3-minute speeches)
02/17…..09:30pm-10:30pm…..Official Photos of Winners, Judges, and Producers
2024/25…………………………Promote Our Event in Your Area


In lieu of paying an entry fee or buying an event pass, contestants are also asked to provide a basket of goodies to raffle off.  The total $ amount of CASH RAFFLE tickets each contestant sells throughout the weekend will be tallied.  In the event of a tie, the contestant with the highest raffle ticket sales will be awarded an additional point as a tie breaker.  This contestant will also receive (1) free pass to the 2025 NAB Weekend event.

IMPORTANT: All baskets MUST be contained within a basket or crate, and cannot have loose items scattered across a table. Contestants are encouraged to wrap the baskets to ensure nothing is stolen. NAB Weekend is not responsible for items taken from unwrapped baskets.

Contestants:  Please plan your activities carefully around these mandatory events.  Failure to attend any of the events above will be result in points being deducted from your final score for the contest, and/or disqualification.  All contestants are required to sell raffle tickets at the noted times above.  Raffle ticket sales will boost crowd involvement, and will also determine the winner in the result of a tie between contestants.  Judges’ identities will not be revealed until the interview session on Saturday.  Be sure you make every effort to sell to every person in the crowd a raffle ticket.  You never know which person will be scoring you based on crowd interaction.

All contestants will also have a 10-15 minute interview session with the judges on Saturday morning.  Once completed, you may enjoy the rest of your afternoon by the pool, or other activities taking place until the dinner raffle session at 5:30pm on Saturday evening.  All contestants will be given the opportunity to eat early so you’ll have plenty time to sell tickets, and get changed before the contest at 7:30pm.

Note:  Due to the timing of the Judges Interviews, contestants will not be able to participate in the Saturday afternoon excursion to the Distillery  



Judges are required to check-in by 5:30pm on Thursday.  We will have a brief orientation with the Contest Committee Chairman, and the Event Chairman to go over the scoring system, what to observe, and the events where contestants will be scored.  Below are the mandatory events for judges to be in attendance:

02/15…..06:00pm-06:30pm…..Judges Orientation
02/15…..07:30pm-08:30pm…..Contest Part 1 Judging (Incognito)
02/15…..10:30pm-12:00am…..Observe Contestants Interaction Selling Tickets (Incognito)
02/16…..07:30pm-09:30pm…..Contest Part 2 Judging (Incognito)
02/16…..10:30pm-12:00am…..Observe Contestants Interaction Selling Tickets (Incognito)
02/17…..10:00am-02:00pm…..Interviews with Contestants (only 10-15 minutes per contestant)
02/17…..07:30pm-09:00pm…..Contest Part 3 Judging & Awards Show